Meet Wes Harper | “The Assassin”
Naked & Afraid Survivor

Wes Harper was born in Washington D.C. February 22, 1970. Shortly after, his Mom, Dad and brother moved to the outskirts of Northern Virginia which at the time was still a country setting. Wes grew up camping and fishing, and once strong enough to pull back a recurve bow, hunting. Wes’ parents raised him to have a strong connection to the woods and the outdoors in general. A strong classroom education was important and insisted upon, but the love of connecting with the Earth was the true passion that he developed.

Wes started his own IT company at the age of 26 in Raleigh, North Carolina. The company has grown and evolved to present day, of which he is still the owner and President. LightWire, Inc. employs 17 team members and services hundreds of small and medium size businesses across the globe. The company still maintains an office in Raleigh but has an unlimited territory. Wherever there is an Internet connection, LightWire will provide support.

Wes is married and has five grown children. They currently live at Lake Gaston, a quiet retreat in the township of Littleton, N.C. Molly, his wife, is a Realtor and Wes continues to run and oversee his IT company.

Wes’ passion for the outdoors included watching various hunting, fishing and survival programs on TV. It was a Sunday evening that Wes and his wife stumbled on a brand-new show, Naked and Afraid on the Discovery Channel. They were instantly hooked. It was June of 2013 and they watched the very first episode of a show that would one day change their lives.

Sunday evenings were reserved for watching new episodes of Naked and Afraid. One Sunday evening In early 2017, after listening to Wes criticize and chastise participants of a certain challenge, Molly got out her laptop and challenged Wes to put his money where his mouth was. She filled out a casting application for him while they continued to watch, taking some input from Wes and filling in the rest. When Wes surprisingly received a phone call from the casting director the following day, they knew he was ‘in’.

21 Day survival challenge in Tocantins, Brazil. Season 10, episodes 19 and 20.

40 Day XL challenge in Limpopo province, S. Africa. Season 6, episodes 1-9.

21 Day All-Star challenge in Cotopaxi province, Ecuador. Season 12, episode 5.

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Do you know how much you can take and push through? Ben Baker sits with Wes Harper, owner of LightWire, Inc. Wes talks about the premise of the show, “Naked And Afraid,” where a man and a woman meet for the first time with no clothes. All they have are survival-type items to make it through 21 days in a jungle. The show has a huge appeal to people because they can’t imagine themselves doing it. Participants need to mentally prepare for discomfort and suffering – where so much growth and self-discovery happens. Dive in!

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